Is your marriage in crisis mode

Your Marriage Crisis Level is:


Here's what that means:

MC-L5 indicates your marriage is at an extremely high level of dysfunction and crisis. Because there is physical violence or abuse (on any level) we recommend the following course of action:

  • Separate immediately if you are not already. Your safety is the most important factor at this stage. Leaving the volatile situation is your first step.
  • Seek professional counseling and help. If you do not already have a professional you are seeing, you can find help virtually by clicking here to find a counselor that can help you online. Many people find this is the best scenario for them. Click here to find a counselor.
  • Get the resources you need to protect yourself, heal from former wounds, and begin the journey of recovery. We have partnered with 'Partners In Prevention' to help abuse survivors and those in volatile situations. They have lots of resources to help.

Resources from Partners in Prevention

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